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This is how the story ends...

and just how it began...

7 June 1994
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Taking long walks in perfect silence...
A bout me:
I'm a 15 years old girl and from a small German village.
Basically I hate telling about myself and when I do it's boring and uninteresting, lol! I'm just a normal girl who goes to school, loves her friends, books, music, making videos & graphics, playing guitar, table tennis and a lot more...

My three most loved fandoms are Criminal Intent, Life and Criminal Minds! But I also love: The Time Traveler's Wife and umm... a lot of books! :)

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
Loves. Reading. Books. Music. Dreams. Friends. Colours. Tad. Williams. Cacti. Apples. Guitar. Living. Otis. Home. Criminal. Intent. Life. The. Fray. Shipping. Wir. Sind. Helden. Blis. Smiling. Time. Traveler's. Wife. Otherland. Kathryn. Erbe. Redcurrants. Kristen. Steward. Laughing. Vincent. D'Onofrio. Stars. . Sun. My. Bed. YOU.
~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

I'm not the person who writes a lot of personal posts. I'm more with posting my videos and graphics, but I love writing comments at other work, thoughts or other things. I also love to meet new people so feel free to add me if we have similar interests, but please leave me a message! :D

Love Caro ♥

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